Secure Mobile Access Products

The SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA) range now incorporates both hardware and virtual platforms.

In the business realm, mobile computing has grown to include not only employees but telecommuters, contractors, partners, consumers and suppliers.  This makes Secure Mobile Access (SMA) to corporate data and network resources critical.

Traditional remote access technologies, such as complicated and expensive dial-up infrastructures or IPSec-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) solutions that typically introduce various network traversal and performance problems, are being replaced by a simpler, more flexible solution – SSL VPNs.

Based on the ubiquitous SSL protocol, SSL-VPNs feature clienteles connectivity that removes the need for a pre-installed or VPN client. Using a standard Web browser, authorized users can securely access E-mail, files, intranets, extranets, legacy applications, desktops and servers from any location using any client device.

SonicWALL SMA 1000 Series

The SonicWALL SMA 1000 series comprises of both hardware and virtual options.  Ranging from the SMA 6200 to the SMA 9000 with the ability to manage 2,000 to 20,000 concurrent user connections respectively.

SonicWALL SMA 100 Series

The SonicWALL SMA 100 Series provides a comprehensive yet cost effective secure mobile and remote access solution aimed at small to medium sized (SME) enterprises.  Ranging for the SonicWALL SRA 1600 to the SonicWALL SMA 400 with a recommendation 25 to 125 concurrent users respectively.  The SonicWALL SMA 500v virtual environment is recommended for up to 250 concurrent users.

SonicWALL Mobile Connect

The SonicWALL Mobile Connect client available on iOS, MacOSX, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows mobile devices provides your mobile employees or partners with access to allowed network resources, whether web-based, server-based, host-based or back-connect applications.  Offering superior control with granular access policies configurable per user and data security by controlling file downloads, file copy and file print authorisation.

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