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Enhanced SecureFirst MSSP Partner Program

Security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and organizations are looking for proactive ways to secure their IT environments. Whether their environment is in the Cloud, on-premise or a hybrid, organizations look to managed security services providers (MSSPs) to provide the best-in-class security to protect their business and mitigate future risk.

Leveraging SonicWall’s extensive threat intelligence, RTDMI, market-leading product portfolio and award-winning SecureFirst Partner Program, SonicWall has designed the SonicWall MSSP Program to empower MSSPs with the resources and tools they need to protect their customers while improving their operational efficiency and costs.

Why SonicWall for Your Managed Security Services?

Partners can access SonicWall’s robust set of threat intelligence solutions in a subscription pricing model that matches the way they do business.

Best in class protection for your customers
Offer SonicWall’s market-leading suite of security solutions, while leveraging SonicWall threat intelligence to manage and support customers with ease as the threat landscape evolves.

Ease of Management, Low Operating Costs
SonicWall NSM provides centralized, simplified management through a single interface. Flexible cloud-based or on-premise deployment options scale quickly and efficiently.

Remediate More, Automate Respond
Protect customers more proactively, and spend less time responding to incidents. SonicWall Capture Client integrates with SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to take advantage of its ability to manipulate and test files in ways that endpoints can’t.

Branding and Customization
SonicWall offers many branding and customization options ensuring your customers experience your brand first.

Program Overview

The SonicWall MSSP program provides go-to-market collaboration, flexible pricing, simplified operations and priority technical support to assure that partnering with SonicWall is secure, simple and profitable.



  • Monthly billing Model
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Incentive for MSS business growth
  • Exclusive MSSP pricing options


  • Central Management – Simplify management, reduce operating costs
  • High Efficacy – Block more threats and automate response with capture Client


  • Access support on behalf of customers
  • Partner branding options
  • Exclusive MSSP partner portal
  • Specialized MSSP training through SonicWall University

Products list

Cloud App Security and Capture Client

SonicWall® MSSP - Cloud App Security (CAS) and SonicWall® MSSP - Capture Client (SCC)

  • Sonicwall Cloud App Security Basic MSSP Powered
  • Sonicwall Cloud App Security Advanced MSSP Powered
  • Sonicwall Capture Client Advanced MSSP Powered
  • Sonicwall Capture Client Premier MSSP Powered

SonicWall® MSSP - GMS (On Prem) and SonicWall® MSSP - Hosted E-Mail Security (HES)

  • Sonicwall GMS On-prem 1 Node Software Upgrade For MSSP Powered
  • Sonicwall GMS On-prem 1 Node Software Upgrade For MSSP Protect
  • Sonicwall GMS On-prem E-class 24×7 Software Support For 1 Node (1yr) For MSSP Powered/protect
  • Sonicwall Hosted Email Security Advanced MSSP Powered/protect

SonicWall® MSSP - SMA POOLED LICENSE and SonicWall® MSSP - Cloud Edge Secure Access (CESA)

  • Sonicwall SMA CMS Pooled License MSSP Protect
  • Sonicwall SMA CMS Pooled License MSSP Powered
  • Sonicwall Cloud Edge Secure Access MSSP Protect
  • Sonicwall Cloud Edge MSSP Protect

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