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Instructor-Led SonicWall™ Courses

As the only SonicWALL™ Authorised Training Partner (ATP) in Africa, LOOPHOLD Security Distribution offers hands-on, instructor-led courses as part of SonicWALL™’s technical certification curriculum.

Each course is designed to instruct the student in key security technology fundamentals, along with specific SonicWALL™ design, configuration, implementation and troubleshooting topics. Pass the associated certification exam offered at the conclusion of each of these classes and you become a Certified SonicWALL™  System Administrator (CSSA). The following instructor-led courses are currently available:

SonicWall™ Network Security Administrator (SNSA) Training

The SonicWALL™ SNSA Training course (FormerlySecurity Basic Administrator (NSBA) / Network Security Essentials) is a 2-day, hands-on, instructor-led course.  The course is designed to provide students the required background, knowledge and hand-on experience to successfully implement and configure SonicWall™ firewall appliances and security services.  

SonicWall recommends this course for networking professionals responsible for the daily operation of one or more security appliance.

Please note that Prior to attending this course, attendees must complete the Six hours of online learning pre-requisite modules.

Certified SonicWALL™ Security Professional (CSSP) Training

The Network Security Advanced Administration (NSAA) training curriculum will enable students to configure, monitor, manage and optimise the SonicWall Network Security firewall appliances running SonicOS to effectively defend against evolving and emerging network and cyber security threats.

The NSAA course is recommended for networking professionals responsible for the daily operation of one or more security appliances. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to configure the SonicWall firewall for Secure and Remote Connectivity, Network Optimisation, and Advanced Threat Protection.

Once you have completed the NSAA course, you are eligible to take the Certified SonicWall Security Professional (CSSP) exam.

Successful completion of the SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA) certification OR legacy Certified SonicWall Security Administrator (CSSA) certification is required to take the CSSP certification exam.

This course builds on the skills learned in the SonicWALL™ Network Security Administrator course which is a pre-requisit to attending the CSSP. 

This course requires the prior completion of the SonicWALL™ Network Security Administrator (SNSA) or Certified SonicWALL™ Security Administrator (CSSA) Training course.  The course culminates with the CSSP Certification exam for SonicOS. While this exam is not a part of the class, students will have access to it on-line via their personal work MySonicWALL account.

SonicWall™ University Courses

In addition to the instructor-led courses listed above, SonicWALL™ customers can access various  courses through the SonicWall University.

SonicWall University is a sophisticated online training platform designed to provide up-to-date training and certification courses.  SonicWall University provides the e-learning certification modules, authorised training partner schedules and certification exams.

All SonicWALL™ eLearning courses are free for all SonicWALL™ end-users and partners. 

For course registration and other SonicWALL™ training-related information, please contact us.


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