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Welcome to Wasabi’s comprehensive suite of Use Case services, designed to elevate your business’s digital landscape.

Our specialized offerings cover a spectrum of critical domains, including Archiving, Backup and Recovery, Cloud Computing, Data Migration, Media Workflows, Ransomware Recovery, and Video Surveillance. Whether safeguarding your data, optimizing cloud resources, or ensuring seamless media operations, Wasabi stands as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of modern business technology. Explore how our tailored solutions empower you to thrive in the digital era, providing reliability, security, and efficiency at every step.

SonicWall Network Security


Seamlessly store and access your historical data, ensuring it’s readily available when needed. Wasabi’s archiving solutions provide a secure and scalable repository, making data retrieval efficient and reliable.


Advanced Threat Protection

Backup and Recovery

Trust our robust solution for secure and efficient data backup, ensuring you’re always prepared for the unexpected. With Wasabi, experience swift recovery options and minimal downtime, safeguarding your critical business information.


Endpoint Security

Data Migration

Effortlessly move your data to the cloud, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Wasabi’s data migration services ensure a streamlined process, minimizing disruptions and optimizing data accessibility.


Email and Cloud Security

Cloud Computing

Empower your business with our enterprise-ready cloud, driving innovation and scalability. Wasabi’s cloud computing capabilities facilitate seamless integration, enabling your organization to adapt to dynamic business needs.


Endpoint Security

Ransomware Recovery

 Count on us for swift recovery in the face of cyber threats, ensuring your data is secure and accessible. Wasabi’s ransomware recovery solutions offer a layered approach, combining robust security measures with efficient recovery protocols.


Email and Cloud Security

Bucket Replication

Optimize your media processes with our high-performance storage, enhancing efficiency and collaboration. Wasabi’s storage solutions are designed to support media workflows, providing a responsive and scalable infrastructure for content creation and distribution.


What is Wasabi Surveillance Cloud?

The proliferation of high-resolution cameras and stringent retention and compliance requirements are driving the need for larger storage capacities. Instead of investing in expensive storage hardware upgrades or ripping and replacing your current solution with an all-in-the-cloud solution, why not enhance your current solution with the ability to scale on demand?

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is a bundle offering that integrates our WSC cloud bridge software application with a Wasabi hot cloud storage subscription. Users of every major video management system (VMS) now have the ability to offload video surveillance data from their local storage environment to the cloud without changes to their existing operations.
Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is the easiest way to transition to the cloud and the best, most predictable solution to support the exponential growth of video data.

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