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Complete security that stops all 13 email threat types and protects Microsoft 365 data.

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Complete Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) platform to secure your workloads in the cloud.

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Make web browsing safe and preserve bandwidth.

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Visibility, continuous compliance and automated vulnerability remediation of your cloud infrastructure and workloads.

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We are Barracuda.

We build cloud-first, enterprise grade security solutions.

More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda to safeguard their employees, data, and applications from a wide range of threats. Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection. We are continually innovating to deliver tomorrow’s security technology, today.

We value partnership.

We work with more than 5,000 channel partners worldwide. The Barracuda Partner Program encompasses a number of rich program offerings, benefits and services to help our partners enhance their businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use product portfolio. We’re always looking to grow with channel partners committed to providing customers with world-class products, service and support.

email Barracuda Networks


 Barracuda protects your business with multiple layers of protection that includes all aspects of your email infrastructure including gateway defense, email resiliency, fraud protection, and user security awareness.


  • Email Protection
  • Email Threat Scanner
  • Email Security Gateway
  • Message Archiver
  • PST Enterprise
cloud computing Barracuda Networks


Secure all your web applications and your public cloud infrastructure with comprehensive integrated solutions that provide advanced protection and are easy to deploy and manage.


  • Cloud Application Protection
  • WAF-as-a-Service
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Cloud Security Guardian
  • Load Balancer ADC
  • Vulnerability Manager
cyber security Barracuda Networks


Network security is an essential part of any computer system. Without strict security measures, a computer could be vulnerable to hackers- someone who accesses a computer system without permission.


  • CloudGen WAN
  • CloudGen Firewall
  • CloudGen Access
  • FireWall Insights
  • Web Security Gateway
  • Content Shield
  • Firewall Control Center
  • Secure Connector
data security Barracuda Networks


Barracuda’s all-in-one approach to data protection makes it easier than ever to protect your business from data loss . Data can be backed up to any location,  eliminating the need to purchase backup solutions from multiple vendors.

  • Backup
  • Data Inspector

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