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Next Gen Firewall


80% less than AWS S3

No egress charges

No API request charges


Security Services


Faster than the competition

Quick uploads & downloads

Private network options


Capture ATP


Data center redundancy

11x9s data durability

Immutable storage

advanced threat detection

Wasabi Empowered Business

Infinite data, constantly accessible, perpetually budget-friendly.

Wasabi serves as the foundation of your enterprise-ready business cloud. For numerous businesses, transitioning their data to the cloud is a requirement, and with Wasabi, it’s also a chance. A chance to opt for an expansive storage cloud that costs 1/5th of AWS S3 and outpaces the competition.

One fixed price. Remarkable speed. No undisclosed charges.

Whether you require a duplicate in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and easily accessible data archive, or extended storage, Wasabi’s revolutionary price-performance simplifies the decision.

S3-compatible cloud storage connects easily to your existing apps and tools.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage perfectly aligns with AWS S3 and IAM APIs, serving as a perfect complement to your multi-cloud strategy or as a seamless replacement when crafting any cloud-based storage solution.

SonicWall Network Security

Hot Cloud Storage

Infinitely afordable and predictably priced cloud object storage. No complex tiers. No fees for egress or API calls.

Advanced Threat Protection

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

Instantly extend the capacity of your on – premises surveillance video management system (VMS)

Access Security

Wasabi Cloud NAS

Connect your unstructured data and file storage environment to Wasabi object storage.

Email and Cloud Security

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

Migrate cloud object storage services and replicate buckets between Wasabi regions.
Endpoint Security

Wasabi Account Control Manager

Automate management of multiple Wasabi accounts with an easy to use interface.
Endpoint Security

Wasabi Direct Connect

Connect your data center or cloud compute to Wasabi via high-speed private connectivity.
Email and Cloud Security

Bucket Replication

Copy data from a storage bucket in one Wasabi region to a bucket in another Wasabi region
Endpoint Security

Video Surveillance Storage

Wasabi cloud storage for surveillance allows organizations to affordably store vast video collections with instant access and robust security.
Endpoint Security


Comply with major enterprise and government compliance standards.

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