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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Each rack mount kit is designed for a specific firewall. This guarentees a perfect fit.

Cut Outs


To prevent overheating, each rack mount kit has custom cut-outs to preserve air flow.


Front connections give you easy access to all ports of your appliance.
Power Supply

Power Supply

A fixed power supply makes sure you never lose power again.

Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Our Industrial rack mount kits offer everything our standard racks do. This includes front connections, a fixed power supply and custom airflow cut-outs. 

Custom Kits

You name it, we make it

We can also create custom branded rack mount kits and custom cable grooves. 



At Rackmount.IT we care about a reliable and clean solution for your appliances. That’s why we tailor every rack to perfectly fit an appliance. Often you can assemble your firewall or switch onto the rack with existing screws from the appliance, for which we’ve made custom cut-outs as well. All connections of your appliance are brought to the front for easy access and a clean look


Placing an appliance on a shelf or on top of other operating appliances may cause your appliances to overheat. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. With custom, model-specific airflow cut-outs we make sure your appliance gets the breathing room it needs.


An improperly secured appliance or power supply can start to shift and fall, causing the power to disconnect. With a fixed power supply, this is no longer a reliability issue.

Specials And Custom Products

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Industrial Kits

 Industrial rack mount kits include shielded cables and shielded CAT6 couplers. This makes your appliance suitable for industrial surroundings with high frequencies. All Rackmount.IT kits can be transformed into industrial versions. 

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Custom Racks

We have created a rack that houses two firewalls and has an addon.

This is together with all the standard features of a rack mount kit. Need anything custom? Contact us! We can do almost anything on a project basis. This includes custom made branded blind plates.
power cable Rackmount.IT

DC Power Add-on

The DC-Power SERIES  will allow your firewall to be powered by 24 or 48 volts (wide range) dc power, rather than 115/230 volts ac. It can also be mounted on any eligible Rackmount.IT rack mount kit. We couldn’t have made it any easier. The add-on takes 1 minute to install.

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